EMS Group ® manufactures and supplies the best quality hydraulic vibratory hammers and power packs for global market. We support services and operation of processing as well as the spare parts. We are well-known in our market-leading vibratory hammer range. We have ability to implement, manage and maintain the all steps of manufacturing vibratory hammers and power packs. We are an internationally operating company and determined to become one of the biggest manufacturer in the hydraulic vibratory hammers sector since 2009. Diligence : We use due diligent practices and efficiency in our manufacturing processes.  We improve our group continuously and we will secure the growth of our group in the long term.
Technology :  We secure our technological capacity by high product quality , constant innovations of products as well as manufacturing processes. We devote ourselves to manufacture high quality products , ensuring the longevity.
People : We have valuable , honest and team-oriented shop floor with transparent management. The opinions and experience of our employees are very important to make decision about the process. We are doing our best for stable partnership with our customers.
Our Goal : We are determined to reach our goal by the quality management of the EMS group. Our policy is to supply our customers with high-quality products meeting all technological standards and requirements
Market : We are fully aware of that we must maintain and improve our competitive position by always increasing the quality of our services. The quality is determined by the material used, labor costs and financial power i.e. Our quality management is in charge of executing quality control at all levels. Each employee of the  EMS group has to be integrated by management in all execution. Each employee of our company takes the responsibility for the quality of his work. Our quality is assured by the close communication between our teams.