PS300 Hydraulic Power Pack

PS300 Power Pack is designed and manufac- tured to operate crane hanging ESF 12-20-23 kgm vibratory hammers which are normal frequency.

INFO : Our PS Series Power Packs not only for vibratory hammers but also for many different industrial applications like vessels and dam projects.
Our engineering team always design our PS Series power packs according to the transport dimensions internationally recognised. We manufacture hydraulic PS series power packs. The advantage of our our hydraulic power packs is that we install open - circuit lines inside the cabin. The open - circuit line is always better to make quick repair and reducing the cost of repairs when com- pared with close - circuit systems. We apply special isolation walls inside the cabins to prevent hot or cold weather conditions bad effects. We always use top-brand quality pumps and diesel engines in our power pack systems like Rexroth and Volvo Penta diesel engines. We have also options to install economic Ford diesel engines and Kawasaki pumps. The standard PS series Power Packs have cable-re- mote control systems as standard 15 mt. We offer also wireless remote control systems as optional. Each units have operator emergency stop buttons to help operator when needed. All of the PS series Power Packs has cooling sys- tems both for hydraulic oil and gear box cooling.
The user friendly control panel in all PS Series Power Packs helps operator to understand and check all system status clearly.


Brochure - PDF